Betfair Guru

So who am I and what am I all about?

Well quite simply I'm just a normal guy, very much like you who once worked a normal job and ended up through sheer coincidence doing something that I really enjoy for a living each day!

I first began 'trading' in 2007 although my approach back then was very much different than it is now as when I began I really had no idea that this entire area of the betting industry even existed. I was simply trying to put some thoughts I'd cobbled together on arbitrage into practise and pinch a few ticks off of the morning horse prices each day.

I was heavily under the impression that what I was trying to do was a new idea that very few people had even thought about before, never mind put into practise - I was very green at this time! - and so, feeling rather self-satisfied I kept at this approach on the side whilst working my regular job on a chemical site.