A selection of PDF articles on a range of subjects for you to download.

Articles will be added as and when I compile them and going forward, they will be quite wide-ranging in subject material. I have many to be added and a number of programs set up to help compile the background info so please don't be shy in making suggestions if there's something particular you'd like to see covered.

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International Football Studiesˇ

Euro '16 Experiment

An experimental look at International football tournaments and how we can weight team strengths to make projections

World Cup '18 Experiment

A continuation of our experiment on International Football. Applying the same methods, can we have the same success?

Football Club Studiesˇ

Evolution Of Manchester United - Part 1

An analysis of the intial transition through Moyes to Van Gaal's reign

Evolution Of Manchester United - Part 2

We continue through the Mourinho years and look to see if his appointment and subsequent dismissal were justified

Evolution Of Manchester United - Part 3(a)

An early look at Solskjaers rein - has he really improved the side or is it luck?