Custom Programs

On occasion, the programs I offer for general sale don't perform the scope or specifics that a particular project requires.

I do offer custom programs that can be tailored to your own specifications at very reasonable cost and you can find some more recent examples of programs I have made for various different people to perform various different tasks.

If you would like me to put something together for you, you can use the form to detail your requirements and I'll get back to you as soon as possible with a rough idea of how I may be to help an idea of what the cost will be.

All programs are made as stand-alone applications with you owning the entirety of the source-code and support is on hand for future expansion and error resolution

Examples of some recent custom programs I have made and their cost - minimum price is £20
These programs are owned entirely by the client so they are not for sale but similar programs can be created

Horse Stats Compiler

PHP application - Web

A simple application that retrieves statistics about horses on today's racecard, processes them, creates ratings and returns a shortlist according to user-defined criteria


Football Stats Compiler

C# desktop application - Windows

A desktop application for windows that retrieves team statistics, processes them and delivers ranking tables. Also simulates upcoming games and seasons


Tennis Elo System

PHP application - Web

An evaluation of publicly available data to produce a dynamic rating system for the ATP and WTA tour


Betting Odds Scraper

Python application - Cross Platform

Extensive application involving mimicking log-in to obtain up to date prices and retrieving Javascript rendered content from world-reknowned bookmakers


Horse Speed Rating Generator

Python application - Cross Platform

Database driven speed ratings for horses running today and tomorrow


Automated Football Tipping Website

PHP application - Web

Automatic and dynamic rendering of football tips to a webpage using proprietary ratings system