Football Projector

An automated program that evaluates the day's matches, rates each team in turn and returns projections for a number of markets in .csv format for use in the spreadsheet program of your choice.

One of the main issues with rating your own football is the sheer amount of time and data required if you're going to extend it to any worthwhile number of leagues.

If you're undertaking a manual rating system, you first need to build your spreadsheet, then you need to regularly import the most up-to-date information and league tables. Once you've done that , you then need to set about rating each team in turn, comparing that rating with the other teams and then perform any number of calculations in order to get your final projections.

When I began, I used to do all of this manually and on a good day, you could get a weekends football done inside 2 hours for what was 16-17 leagues at the time.
Whilst this was manageable, it relied on my being available for this period of time each day and if you want accurate ratings, you really do need to update everything on a regular basis!

In more recent times, as my own trading commitments have grown along with other responsibilities like family, bills etc.. I really could no longer commit this time on a regular basis and set about automating the entire process.

Originally, this program ran on Php, then latterly in Python but I have recently re-written it in php for a number of backend reasons.

Here is what you receive....


As you can see, it's a quite simple interface and everything executes at the click of a button.
Want today's projections? Click the relevant button!

You also have the option of filtering the projections to supply bets and/or trades according to your criteria.

For a full list of what's included, please see below

  • Comprehensive installation, maintenance and customisation guide in PDF format
  • Click-the-button style execution
  • Fully automated pricing of a large number of world leagues - 95 available in total.
    (You can edit which leagues you compile for in the config file)
  • A wide range of markets catered for including Match Odds, Overs/Unders,Correct Score, BTTS, DNB and Asian Handicaps
  • A filter system through which you can apply any number of filters to the downloaded data to generate betting or trading systems. Alternatively, just use the raw data as an overview
  • All data is returned in .csv format which can be used in any spreadsheet program.

You do not need any other software installed or programming experience to operate this product, it really is just click-and-run.

You can purchase this program using the link below or, on larger screens, over to the right-hand side.
Unless otherwise specified, the product will be downloaded automatically on completion of payment.


  • Comes with a comprehensive support and installation PDF.
  • Updated versions can be downloaded from the Member's Area as and when they are made available.
  • If you have any issues with operation, please do let me know via the contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.