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BetfairGuru Trading Service

A daily email-based service featuring trading advice and bets for the day ahead.

BetfairGuru Mentoring Service

A 1-2-1 mentoring service that aims to take you to profitability within 1 month

BetfairGuru Training Service

An ongoing course-based subscription service that provides content weekly

BetfairGuru System Bets

A daily betting subscription service for serious bettors

BetfairGuru Seminars

Training seminars at venues across Europe

BetfairGuru Webinars

Skype-based group sessions from the comfort of your own home


Football Trading

A comprehensive walk-through of football modelling and trading strategy.

Tennis Trading

A collection of unique approaches to swing-trading the tennis markets.

Horse Racing Trading

An extensive guide looking at strategy for trading horse-racing markets both pre-race and in-play.

Betting Systems

Detailed explanations of profitable betting systems and a structured walk-through in creating your own.

Web Scraping

A very thorough manual that takes you from beginner to expert level in creating web-scrapers and data-collection programs.

Custom Programs

An opportunity to request a program and if it's viable, I will make it for you.

Football Projector

A desktop program that entirely automates the football modelling process.

Racecard Analyser

A desktop program that allows compilation and analysis of daily horse-racing racecards.

Free Content

Absolute Beginners

A basic guide introducing the core concepts of trading and, as the name suggests, focusing on the complete beginner.

Trading Guide

A free guide introducing strategy ideas and expanding on the beginner's guide.

Football Ratings

A companion guide that helps you compile betting and trading systems using the free data supplied in the league tables.

Betting Systems

A guide that shares my thoughts on the development of betting systems. Incorporating my ideas on systems in general and ratings generation and usage.

Football League Tables

Daily updated league tables from across the world. Featuring all major World leagues - if you want a league including, just let me know and I'll see what I can do.


Free daily racecards in excel format that you can download and use as you wish.
I also supply results downloads.

Special Offers

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