Mentoring Service

A newer introduction to the service from 2015 and focusing on 1-2-1 mentoring of aspiring traders.

Those members that have been with my base service for any length of time will be able to remember the Live Service I offered from 2011-2014.

This service featured a live chat room where trades would be advised during live sporting events and we would fill the intervening time talking strategy and theory.

I really enjoyed this service but over time, as popularity grew and numbers soared, it just became far too time-consuming to continue in that format.

With having members from all over the world, some working day times and some not.. I made the honest mistake of trying to cater to everybody.
What started as a 4 hour daily session eventually became closer to 12 or even 14 some days as I tried to make myself available to those trading in the daytime and those coming in later
in the day after work.

As you can imagine, this placed quite the strain on family life and despite revelling in the live nature of the service and much enjoying the increased interaction with members, I had to make the difficult decision to close down the service.

At that time, that left me with only the base service and the early versions of the betting service and whilst I enjoyed the free time it initially afforded me, I always felt there was something more I could be offering. I even toyed with the idea of re-establishing the Live room service but, having 'discussed' it with the wife, it became clear this wasn't really an option and there was every chance the same situation that forced closure the first time around would slowly creep back into being.

That said, I really wanted to offer up the 1-2-1 style again and whilst I'd continued with the seminars and introduced webinars in the meantime, I had always felt there was scope for a serious and intensive 1-2-1 training experience - I just didn't quite know what the vehicle should be.

I eventually settled on what I considered to be the best of both worlds - live interaction but only on a single person basis.

Since establishing the service, I've been pleasantly surprised at the interest. With clients most months and usually months in advance, I've also constructed custom sessions and travelled to deliver in-home content to various customers all over Europe.

I have included the core concepts just below but if you are interested, I would suggest you download the prospectus.
It contains more comprehensive information as to exactly how the service works and what you can expect to gain from it.

As always, if you think there's anything I haven't addressed or would simply like clarification or reassurance that the service is suitable, you can get me via the contact form


  • 4 week intensive programme on a flexible timetable
  • Custom programs & prices can be negotiated
    (For example, some customers prefer in-home tuition whilst others only wish to focus on one particular sport etc..)
  • Focused mastery of 3 different sports, multiple markets and extended sessions on staking, bank management and results analysis.
  • You receive a large selection of PDF's, computer programs and spreadsheets to aid tuition.
  • Strategies are taught and demonstrated in live sports markets with 1-2-1 communication via Skype/TeamSpeak
  • Guaranteed 1 client per month so you always get my full attention!
  • Flexible timetables to suit everybody.
  • The aim of the service is to first establish where you are now, work out all of the bad habits and practises and put you on the right track to where you want to be.
  • Actual working strategy demonstrated and taught - theory is great but it doesn't pay the bills!
  • Unlimited email support
  • 8 hours live chat and live trading time per week

To subscribe to this service, you will first have to contact me.
The reason for this is I only take one client per month and sometimes I am booked up months in advance and therefore cannot leave it as open subscription due to potential scheduling conflicts.