Racecard Analyser

An automated program that evaluates a racecard, compiles it, analyses it according to your input criteria and returns all information in .csv format for use in the spreadsheet program of your choice.

In addition to being able to personally compile the racecards you can get on the free racecards page, this program also allows you to specify filters by which to analyse the cards once they are downloaded.

You are able to compile complex selection systems using both blacklist and whitelist approaches and can filter for a range of different metrics as outlined just below

Originally, this program ran on PHP which was fine as a processing language but it did require the end user had access to a local server in order the run the script.
This was far from optimal so in the newer versions, the code is compiled as a standalone Windows application, with the backend written in Python.

Here is what you receive....


As with all of the programs, the set-up is minimal and the operation requires only the click of the relevant button.

A simple to edit file is all you need work with in order to introduce your filters and this is detailed thoroughly in the PDF guide.

For a full list of what's included, please see below

  • Comprehensive installation, maintenance and customisation guide in PDF format
  • Click-the-button style execution
  • Fully automated compilation of daily racecards and results for UK and Ireland.
  • Analysis of racecard according to filters you stipulate
  • You can filter for course, jockey, trainer, DSLR, form, C/D/BF, age, weight and more.
  • Custom analysis options can be added.
  • Results also feature analysis including a speed-rating/introductory handicapping system.

You do not need any other software installed or programming experience to operate this product, it really is just click-and-run.

You can purchase this program using the link below or, on larger screens, over to the right-hand side.
It will be downloaded automatically on completion of payment.


  • Comes with a comprehensive support and installation PDF.
  • Updated versions can be downloaded from the Member's Area as and when they are made available.
  • If you have any issues with operation, please do let me know via the contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.